About us

We are a process-driven and tech-savvy organization which is constantly driven by innovation. We are passionate about the latest technologies and consumer behavior trends. We are always qualifying ourselves for the on-going data security and regulatory processes to ensure we deliver value in whatever we do. Our ‘Customer-first’ approach has enabled us to cater to multiple Marketing agencies, Media houses, Publishers, and Corporates alike.

Why Prospect Precise?


— Technology & Innovation —

  • We have a global presence with our offices in the Netherlands, North America, and India.
  • Owning and managing our very own delivery centre in India lets us control the quality of the end product.
  • We maintain a buffer of 10% – 15% of our workforce to ensure that we deploy your campaigns without any delay. Time is money, right?
  • Experienced, well-trained, and well-looked after agents who are at the forefront of the lead generation process, ensure that you are well represented.
  • A database of over 40 Million records enables us to generate leads across the globe.

Our Company

Not every lead converts to a sale. It has to be targeted, educated, nurtured and converted the right way. That’s what we do at Prospect Precise. We build your sales so that you can focus on doing more awesome things.
We aspire to be a global leader in the B2B lead generation space. Our current clients include Media Agencies, Publishers, Lead aggregators, Advertisers, and Marketing companies. We also work directly with SMBs and Enterprises to cater to their specific requirements.
Our pay-for-performance model provides flexibility to our clients and allows them to engage with us freely.
Born out of an aspiration to build a technology-based, innovative company that operates in the B2B lead generation domain, Prospect Precise is the answer to the long-standing requirement of quality leads delivered within the expected timeline.

Our Culture

Woven with a fabric of honesty and smart work, we are a performance-first company. Prospect precise is a big believer in the ‘cultivating leaders’ culture. If you have what it takes, there will be a ton of opportunities and a support system to ensure your success. We encourage our people to make mistakes and learn from them. Throughout your journey, you will be challenged and pushed to achieve more. These achievements will, of course, come with rewards. So set your goals and give your best to achieve them.
We ensure generating maximum value for our employees within the term that they are associated with us. These are not just limited to monetary rewards but may also include any value-based request which has the potential to enrich the life of an employee. And a happy employee means a happy organization! We shall help you realize and develop your potential and help make you the best version of yourself. So come and join us on this most rewarding journey.
To become the most reliable partner to our clients. We want to become a global leader in the industry by using technology, intelligence, and innovation. To ensure long-lasting relationships by maintaining transparency and integrity. To be flexible and the best in the class with our delivery mechanism.
To be known globally for pushing the envelope in favour of integrity, flexibility, and innovation. We want to succeed in growing our company and, in turn, grow our employees and customers.