Leads through Intent Data

More than just a data it’s an intelligent data!

Grow your sales pipeline with our intelligent data and accelerate your revenue.

You can count on us for intent data with ethical sourcing that offers the most precise & thorough perspectives on your buyers’ intentions. Utilizing marketing automation tools will prequalify your audience during the very first research stage of the purchase cycle. We can personalize the content to boost engagement by having a deeper awareness of a lead’s qualities and level of interest. Beyond just their job title or firm, content can be correctly tailored to your interests. Then, you can target them more effectively with the right messaging, at the right time, using the appropriate channels.

Intent data can be used in various ways in B2B marketing, such as:

  1. Lead generation: Identifying potential customers who are actively researching products or services similar to what a business offers, and reaching out to them with relevant messaging.
  2. Account-based marketing: Using intent data to identify target accounts that are actively researching products or services in the company’s category and tailoring marketing efforts to those specific accounts.
  3. Content marketing: Analysing intent data to identify popular topics and trends among the target audience, and creating content that addresses those interests.

Overall, intent data can help B2B marketers improve their targeting, relevance, and engagement, ultimately leading to better ROI and revenue growth.

Install Base Lead generation

Our Strategy involves targeting existing customers of a company to generate new sales leads. This approach involves analysing the company’s installed base of customers, which is the total number of customers that have purchased and are currently using the company’s products or services.

The install base can provide valuable information that can be used to identify potential new leads. By analysing the install base, a company can identify which customers are using its products or services in innovative ways, which customers may be ready to upgrade to new or additional products or services, and which customers may be interested in complementary products or services.

Overall, install base lead generation can be a highly effective strategy for generating new sales leads because it leverages the company’s existing customer base and focuses on customers who are already familiar with the company’s products or services.

BANT Lead Generation

BANT is an acronym used in sales and marketing to qualify potential customers and leads and with the use of both online and offline technique we can determine which leads are most likely to result in a sale and prioritize their efforts accordingly. A BANT-qualified lead has a higher chance of becoming a paying customer than a lead that doesn’t meet these criteria.

Steps Involved

Full funnel Account-Based

Marketing (ABM)

We use this strategy to focus on key accounts that your company wants to convert into paying customers. ABM aims to create personalized campaigns for each account, to drive engagement and conversions.
ABM is an effective way to scale marketing efforts and drive growth. Doing so will help you reach the right accounts, increase ROI, and deliver personalized experiences to your potential buyers.

Other Programs

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Content Syndication
SQL: Sales qualified leads
HQL: Highly Qualified leads
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