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Businesses’ techniques for gathering data are evolving. But an effective content strategy requires data. That is why content intelligence is being discussed.

According to HubSpot research – 2022, more than a third of marketers believe that data significantly influences strategy by assisting them to:

1. Get to the intended audience
2. Create more persuasive marketing content
3. Determine the most successful marketing tactics

Content intelligence is the practice of doing market research using software that combines machine learning and AI to determine the success of particular types of content in order to assist marketers in developing an effective content strategy. You may think of it as a GPS that directs you to a high-quality content strategy that generates leads, conversions and profits. Because the data reveals what resonates well with your audience based on market and competitor analyses, you can stop speculating about what will be of interest to them. To engage their audiences and communicate with them, many marketers utilize content marketing. Businesses have the opportunity to interact through content marketing tools including blogs, webinars, social media and online courses. Every piece of content offers a chance to draw in, engage and delight readers.

They are effectively able to do this with the use of content intelligence. Other advantages are:

1. Using competition data and research to develop a thorough picture of your target audience and the kinds of content they appreciate.

2. The AI analyses content for style, tone of voice and other crucial parameters, reducing the guesswork involved in content development.

3. Focusing content with market research data on your users and what they like.

4. Gaining knowledge about different content formats and how to develop them, such as video content intelligence that enables you to understand the activities within videos that generate outcomes.

5. The capacity to forecast the impact of your material based on the past success of your rivals.

6. By creating authoritative content in your sector, you may boost traffic, boost conversion rates, and win more customers.

Only 5% of marketing professionals employ AI and machine learning, according to Statista research. Website analytics and SEO technologies provide data-driven insights, which have become industry standards. However, marketing executives might not be aware of anyone who is currently using content intelligence.

That makes it crucial to conduct research into various content intelligence platforms. Start with the features of each AI tool. While some will offer content production tools, others will offer content management solutions. Platforms for content intelligence could:

1. Natural language generation (NLG) for automated content creation
2. Using natural language (NLU)comprehension, locate related or pertinent stuff
3. Using big data to analyze content
4. Make wording recommendations
5. Automate the generation and promotion of content.
6. Sync with other content management solutions

The content strategy you select will depend on your company’s requirements. However, you may use content intelligence technologies to enhance your strategy, content, and reputation. Choose the program that can help you increase your influence.

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