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Today, it is crucial to provide customers with excellent experiences as they connect and come into contact with a company. Delivering a great customer experience, in fact, is a very important component of their strategy, according to a staggering 85% of marketers who took part in a recent Ascend2 poll.

Businesses of all sizes and sectors have discovered that enhancing the customer experience can boost expansion, brand loyalty, and productivity. But as customer expectations rise, it’s getting more and harder to reach and surpass the success level. Only around a quarter (27%) of marketers would characterize their approach to enhancing customer satisfaction as extremely successful or best-in-class in comparison to their rivals.

What then makes for a truly excellent customer experience today, and what prevents effectively enhancing the customer experience? Below, we’ll analyze some recent findings from our Building Better Customer Experiences research to provide you with three key components for creating better customer experiences.

Only 27% of marketers would assess the success of their plan to enhance the customer experience as very high.

First and foremost, provide service with a smile.
The customer experience is shaped by every interaction across all channels and should encompass much more than just customer service, but, according to 57% of marketers polled, solving customer problems quickly and effectively is the key to providing excellent experiences.

Second essential component: Keep it Real (Time)
Being present where and when your customers need you in a timely manner is the essence of real-time engagement. This could refer to a variety of automated and real-time interactions as well as feedback systems across all channels. Real-time communication with customers can increase their trust and loyalty to your business, increasing retention and positively affecting your bottom line. The strategy and data guiding these interactions, whether you engage clients through chatbots, in-app or on-site assistance, social media comments, or videos, is what makes for great experiences. Because of this, according to 43% of marketers, developing and prioritizing a plan is a high priority as they try to enhance the customer experience.

Get Personal, the Third Essential Component
According to 40% of the marketers polled, providing individualized experiences is essential to good CX. Accurate and pertinent data is needed to deliver targeted messaging and interactions across channels, and this data must be contributed to and accessed by numerous adjacent teams across your organization (e.g., marketing, sales, customer service, operations, etc).

It’s interesting to note that fewer than half (41%) of respondents say their firm has a strong capacity to use and share data and information across teams.

What does all of this mean?
There is no denying the significance of providing an outstanding customer experience. Regardless of the target market, organizations must recognize that CX is constructed across various channels and involves a wide range of methods and strategies.

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