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One of the most effective digital tools for business growth nowadays is social media marketing. Since its establishment in 2003, LinkedIn has been a platform for networking between professionals. In actuality, more than 260 million active users utilize the network each month, with roughly 40% doing so every day. LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook and Twitter, according to a recent HubSpot survey, simply because it allows for deeper targeting and greater connections with businesses.

LinkedIn has one of the highest levels of organic reach out of all the social media platforms available today, despite the fact that organic reach on social media is undoubtedly diminishing and shifting more toward “pay to play” in order to get your content in front of more people.

Even while you still need a content plan in place to take full advantage of LinkedIn’s incredible marketing possibilities, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for personal brands and companies of all sizes to get their content in front of this audience, who is incredibly engaged. Particularly for individuals with smaller marketing expenditures, this high organic reach makes marketing your company or personal brand more accessible.

Given the large number of key decision-makers that use LinkedIn for business, it is obvious that this network is especially effective for marketing businesses in the B2B sector. Additionally, LinkedIn enables you to advertise your goods or services through a corporate page or your own personal profile. Select a weapon!

My top advice is to avoid concentrating entirely on selling or promoting. Remember to vary the information you publish each week on LinkedIn! Following the “80/20 rule,” which calls for employing around 80% engagement and instructive posts and 20% promotional posts, or encouraging your audience to do actions related to your brand, will help with this (like booking a call, or purchasing a product).

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