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Digital marketers need to source customer data insights strategically more than ever. The arrival of machine learning and the “metaverse” has changed the traditional marketing channel while advanced privacy rules have blown huge holes in digital marketing strategies.

A decade ago, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads were all that constituted a digital marketing plan. There was a time when your marketing campaign’s high point was obtaining the featured snippet for a highly sought-after keyword. That period of time has since passed. Although a marketing strategy’s foundational elements have not changed, success is determined by hundreds of other factors.

The development of new digital channels is a brilliant example of how the landscape of digital marketing has changed. For instance, banner adverts accounted for a staggering 50% of all online advertising spending in the US in 2000. Today, on the other hand, homepage takeovers, landing pages, Google Ads, native advertising, social media marketing and more are far more prevalent than banner ads. For instance, 72% of all digital advertising spending is currently made up of mobile video ads. The use of video marketing in general has increased by 41% in the last five years. Additionally, 81% of marketers are currently combining their social media platforms with e-commerce platforms to create new sales channels. To give their customers a personalized experience, 85% of marketers use marketing automation and other trends.

As technology advanced, new avenues for prospective marketing channels were available thanks to developments like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and even social commerce. Laws governing privacy and monitoring have also been tightened as more doors have opened.

Most of us haven’t given much thought to how drastically and suddenly the world has changed. The change has not yet been fully assimilated by many. The need to act in the new marketing landscape must be understood by businesses and marketers, though. In other words, as the environment of digital marketing changes, so too must our digital marketing strategies.

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