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Why is it important to promote both pre-event and post-event in b2b?

The importance of B2B events cannot be overstated when it comes to networking, generating top-notch leads, raising brand recognition, and interacting with a sizable target audience. A thorough and well-planned event strategy is necessary, nevertheless, for a B2B event to be successful.

Pre-event: It’s critical to generate excitement and interest in your event, essentially motivating your target audience to click the registration button. It’s crucial to demonstrate to your audience why they should come to your event. Write a blog post exclusively promoting your upcoming event. Social media is essential when it comes to promoting a B2B event. It is the prime place to make some noise about your event! Create an event hashtag and regularly post about your event using eye-catching images that include the event sponsors’ logos. Having an event website gives you a place to showcase to potential attendees what your event has to offer. Make it simple for potential attendees to purchase event tickets by placing the registration page on your official event website and including the URL in all of your blog and social media posts.

Post event: Showcase your event’s success at this time and start laying the groundwork for the next one.

Promote the event on social media and blog about it to highlight its accomplishments and any positive feedback you received from attendees. Keep in touch with guests and invite them to respond to a survey regarding the event’s positives and negatives. Share successful outcomes on social media and make use of any criticism to shape future events.

It’s critical to reflect on each event you host and pinpoint exactly what worked well and needs to be improved. Highlight the channels that helped you receive the most event registrations, determine the activities that participants participated in most frequently while at the event, and find out what kinds of event content were most frequently accessed after the event.

Therefore, pre- and post-event promotion become crucial to each B2B event.

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