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Gen Z is a mystery to many marketers. In the past ten years, we’ve spent so much time focusing on marketing to millennials that we’ve overlooked a whole new generation of young people who are now able to make purchases from brands. Gen Z should be simple to approach from an e-commerce standpoint. They are already online, tech savvy and highly engaged on social media.11 Ways to Target Gen Z

1. Engage them as well
2. Make sure you’re inclusive
3. Emphasis on social
4. Your content should be engaging
5. Get right to the point – leave out any fluff
6. Use Generation Z-friendly media
7. Recognize that it needs to function the first time
8. Take advantage of their love of influencers
9. Create interesting content, not commercials
10.Avoid becoming overly wordy, keep it crystal clear
11.Use new technology without hesitation, but avoid doing so only for the sake of using it.

This calls for a thorough examination of your website’s content to make sure it complies with the new standards. As they swiftly learn new technology, it’s probable that Gen Z will be the first to use voice search on a daily basis. As a result, you need to make sure you can keep up and have Alexa or Google Home read your material.

Are you prepared to engage those members of Generation Z? It’s time to modify your marketing to target customers who are currently prepared to make purchases. Keep the aforementioned advice in mind so you can benefit from working with Gen Z in the future.

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