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A powerful B2B brand guarantees that your brand stands out and penetrates its category, giving customers a reason to select your brand over competition, develops clients who are more likely to try your brand. Because of their tendency to do so, cuts the sales cycle in half.4 important criteria that any B2B marketing plan should take into account are :

1) Businesses are more inclined to continue with a reliable product or service.
2) Businesses desire simplicity and ease of use
3) Make results visible for them
4) Relationships are of key importance in B2B marketing

The above 4 steps can make a significant difference in how people view your brand and what it stands for as well as in attracting worthwhile new customers to your business.General Branding Statistics

➢ People need between 5 and 7 brand impressions before they start to remember it.
➢ Brand recognition is increased by color by up to 80%.
➢ Because of good customer service, 73% of consumers love a brand.
➢ Revenue can rise by up to 23% when a brand is presented consistently across all channels.
➢ The best brand names are made up of words or acronyms 72% of the time.
➢ More than 70% of brand managers believe that audience development is more significant than increasing sales.
➢ 89% of consumers stick with companies that share their beliefs.
➢ 67% more leads are generated by brands that blog.

B2B marketers sometimes ignore increasing brand awareness, although doing so can significantly affect their capacity to attract and keep new customers. A brand awareness campaign could be a terrific addition to your marketing plan if you haven’t already started to encourage your target audience to associate your brand favorably.

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