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Through marketing, we strive to generate leads that can be turned into prospects, buyers and eventually, committed customers. According to the AIDA model, it all begins with getting the customer’s initial attention, holding it long enough to pique their interest, generating their want to buy the goods and then turning that desire into the action of making a purchase. A compelling value proposition is one of the most important elements in grabbing a customer’s attention. The value proposition can speed up the subsequent stages if it is well-written and appealing.

So – just what exactly is a value proposition? It is a positioning statement that details the advantages you offer and how you excel at doing it in a special way. Your value proposition, which explains why a customer should purchase your good or service rather than anyone else’s, is essential to developing a competitive edge.

Benefits of an effective value proposition:

1. Establishes the framework for your offering. All of your efforts in sales, marketing and product development should be based on a strong value proposition. Additionally included in your entire business plan is the value proposition.

2. It is essential to the success of conversion. A strong value proposition may make the difference between winning and losing a deal. A customer’s attention must be captured in order to persuade them to read more about your goods / services rather than clicking the back button.

3. Makes a clear distinction between you and your competitors. You will already be ahead of the competition if you can clearly explain what your product / service does, why it is the best choice for that customer and why they should buy it.

4. Increases the quality as well as quantity of potential leads. If you are open and honest with your customers about the goods or services you offer, they will be able to quickly determine whether your offering meets their needs, which will speed up the decision-making process.

5. Internally benefits your organization. It improves your comprehension of the competitive landscape since, in order to differentiate yourself from the competition, you must first research your competitors’ products and services before writing a compelling value proposition. Additionally, it inspires your teams to concentrate on cooperating to achieve a single objective.

You have the chance to be both different and relevant enough to develop a longerterm account relationship that fuels ongoing revenue development if you translate the real business needs, difficulties, challenges and ambitions of your ABM accounts and bake them right into your value proposition.

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