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One of today’s industries with the quickest growth is technology. In reality, there is a demand for skilled salespeople due to the 47% growth in the number of technological companies over the past ten years.

Connecting customers with technology that solves their problems is the process of tech sales. This covers IT services, hardware, and software.

It’s true that this definition is intentionally extensive. This is due to the fact that the kind of technology you’ll market depends on the type of business you work for. A company might sell CRM software while another sells computer hardware, such as laptops and monitors. Or, they might provide a mix of technologies for sale, such computers with antivirus software.

3 Types of Technology

Tech businesses frequently focus on one (or more) of the following areas:

Software: Software solutions can be purchased as standalone applications or as a subscription-based service (SaaS). CRMs, billing software and project management software are among examples.

Hardware: Tech hardware, which includes computers, phones and tech accessories are the tangible items that support software.

IT solutions: Selling security, consulting, or troubleshooting services to businesses is part of this.

A specialist who offers technological or scientific solutions to businesses is known as a tech sales representative.

Both technical and interpersonal abilities are necessary for this position. In other words, understanding all the features of a good or service is only half the battle. You must also identify the wants of your clients and explain how you can make them feel better.

Due to the multi-step nature of tech sales, your duties may also include:

• Lead generation and lead scoring
• Carrying out discovery calls
• Promoting and presenting products
• Writing proposals and reports for clients or providers
• Examining the most recent market trends
• Establishing a rapport with both new and existing clients

A job in tech sales offers reasonable income, lots of prospects for advancement and the chance to work with cutting-edge products in addition to working in one of the fastest-growing industries today. You need to project the image of an industry veteran if you want to work in tech. This entails completely committing to the tech industry and the area of business you want to explore.

Join online sales communities, follow industry leaders on LinkedIn, and keep abreast of any trends or shifts in the market. Keep track of any significant mergers or acquisitions and keep up with the newest technological developments.

This will not only offer you a thorough understanding of the sector, but you’ll also learn the lingo and vocabulary unique to it that you may utilize moving forward.

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