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The Power of Intent Data in B2B Marketing

In what way does intent data “work”? Where can we locate it, and how has it come to become such an immediate, practical, and implementable component of advertising and sales campaigns?

You are probably aware that while we navigate the web, we all leave digital footprints that indicate our interests, difficulties and frequently, our intention to buy a specific kind of goods/services or interest in a related issue. Research shows that the average B2B buyer spends 67% of the buyer journey digitally.

Today’s B2B marketers can comprehend, access, and use a variety of ‘Intent Data’ platforms and services to make intent actionable. By integrating intent insight into marketing technology platforms (such as HubSpot, Marketo, etc.), we can activate and drive “always-on” value from that data across all campaign activities. Intent data monitoring platforms give us the ability to build audience segments that not only refresh in near-real time for up-to-date, accurate audience insight.

It is no longer sufficient to simply build a campaign and only hope since less than 5% of your target audience is actively wanting to purchase at any given time.

To be effective and engage consumers at their Zero Moment of Truth, marketing and sales campaigns must take timing, context and relevance into account, thus making Intent Data a crucial B2B marketing activity.

According to reports published by leading marketing data aggregators:
✓ 99% of large businesses use intent data in their advertising and sales efforts. (Insights for Professionals)
✓ 97% of companies report a positive ROI of intent data (Demand Gen Report)
✓ 67% of companies plan to increase their spending on intent data in 2022 (Insights for Professionals)
✓ 98% of companies find intent data key for their sales and marketing campaigns (Insights for Professionals)

If your intent is to increase sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace, then Intent Data should be on top of your shopping list.

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